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Asset checks 06-19-17

Five things I need when assigning an asset check to a private investigator.  One, complete information you have on the subject or business. (Don’t leave out anything) Provide all information known. This will save you money as I do not want to duplicate your efforts.  The second is your budget.  The third is when you need the results, a day, week, or month. The fourth is exactly what results you expect. (This helps determine budget). The fifth is why you are doing this asset check.

I get a lot of requests for asset checks. Some are just what I call policy pops for plaintiffs’ attorneys and are very basic. Some come from the collections industry, while many come from family law or divorces. Prices range from $150.00 up to 5, 10 or $15,000.00 depending on what is requested. I’ve had clients ask for bank accounts, retirement accounts, safe deposit boxes, business accounts and offshore accounts.

When a request comes in for an asset check on an individual who owns a business it’s actually two asset checks.  One on the person and the second on the entity as the person may be of modest means while there business is doing very well.  I’ve even had clients ask me to go to the business and surveil it to see what assets the business has.  How many people come and go.  Are they driving nice cars? Do they own the building?  Are there any hard assets like company cars, or valuable business equipment? I have even entered the business to see what information can be obtained from a visit to inquiry about the businesses services.

Information included in a simple asset check includes but is not limited to property owned, past or current employment, bankruptcies, liens, judgments, businesses, corporations, evictions, utilities and more. The more in depth asset checks include bank accounts, brokerage accounts, current employment searches, social media, greater detail about businesses, vehicles owned and more.

The most comprehensive asset checks include covert surveillance of the subject and or business as well as speaking with neighbors, co-workers and more.

I never know what results are going to pop up and verify as much possible information as possible. I like to ask my client a lot of questions to provide additional thoughts to either save them expense or advise them of additional options they may have not thought of.

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Josh Chandler

Josh is a former Federal officer with over 15 years of management experience in both the public and private sector providing expert investigations and risk management services to numerous Fortune 100 companies. He is the senior case manager for New World Investigations and also supervises the executive protection and bug sweep (TCSM) teams as required by clients. He lives in Orange County, California where he enjoys the cold water, and introducing his friends to paleo cooking.