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For over 28 years, our mission has been to produce results that help our Attorneys win their most important cases, no matter what it takes.
— Terrence Green, Owner


Each month top family law, personal injury and trial Attorneys from all over California rely on New World to help them with difficult and high-profile cases. For over 28 years we have assisted with thousands of cases of all kinds and earned our Attorney clients millions of dollars in additional settlements.

By using New World's highly experienced claims investigations and former law enforcement staff to locate witnesses and interview them, obtain critical evidence, and conduct surveillance and asset checks, our client's cases are settled faster, the judgement amounts are higher, and their clients are satisfied in record-time.

If you have been looking for a reputable and effective investigations team to assist with your cases, call us today for a consultation today to discuss how we can help: 1-800-972-1849

Witness Canvassing and Scene Inspection

Since our experienced investigators have decades of combined liability insurance claims and criminal investigation experience, we know what to look for at the scene of a vehicle accident, hit and run, trip and fall, slip and fall, dog bite, product liability, municipality claim, breach of contract, or any other matter requiring detailed investigative work.

Our detailed scene inspections and canvassing includes:

  • Scene Diagrams including Photographs and Video as Needed
  • Video Camera Locates and Footage Retrieval/Evidence Custody 
  • Witnesses Canvassing and In-Field Statements
  • Property Ownership Determination for Possible Exposures Due To Defects
  • Additional Liability Due To Law Enforcement, Private Security or Emergency Medical Service failures to act resulting in injury or additional trauma.
  • And Much More
  • In Need of Scene Canvassing for cameras and witnesses that includes diagrams, lane measurements and design discussions?
  • Need to find witnesses that the police, fire or other emergency response personnel didn't identify in their report?
  • Is the police report you received from your client incomplete, incoherent or not detailed enough?
  • Need to find out if a case has merit and if you should take it?

Find out what really happened. New World's investigators are experts in scene inspection and identifying liability, and have earned our Attorney clients millions of dollars.

Witness Statements

Our professional investigators find out the pertinent "5 W's" and more, to help support your case.

Our professional investigators find out the pertinent "5 W's" and more, to help support your case.

Once witnesses have been located, the next step in the accident or criminal defense investigation is to contact the witnesses in order to find out what each witness knows about your case. We can make contact with your witnesses directly and interview them according to your needs.

Let us show you how our expert witness statement services have helped our Attorney clients get critical evidence to support their case.

At your direction, we will obtain a written or recorded statement from your witnesses either by phone or in person that can be used as evidence during trial or litigation. We can also perform background investigations on your witnesses and the defense’s witnesses in order to determine witness credibility and find any possible factors that can decrease credibility.

*Sample Witness Statements are available for your review!*

Asset Investigations

Asset searches can determine whether or not there is truly financial merit in a lawsuit.

Asset searches can determine whether or not there is truly financial merit in a lawsuit.

Law firms generally require a Financial Asset Investigation to:

  • Determine whether or not there is financial merit in suing a potential litigant.

  • Locate sizable assets in support of a judgment.

  • Fully locate all assets during a divorce case (even assets that are hidden outside of the U.S. or "off-shore".

  • Perform bank account searches, employment locates and any source of income from Equities, etc...

Difficult Locates & Services

Our ability to find and interview key witnesses is a big part of why Attorneys continue to use New World Investigations.

Our ability to find and interview key witnesses is a big part of why Attorneys continue to use New World Investigations.

When building a criminal defense or performing an accident investigation, you may be required to find witnesses and other relevant individuals for the case. However, since this is not your primary job as an attorney, you can easily waste a significant amount of time and money if you attempt to locate a person yourself.

At New World Investigations, we specialize in performing difficult locates for criminal defense and accident investigations, and we can use a variety of techniques and tools in order to identify, locate, and find the witnesses for your case quickly, efficiently, and affordably.


Our investigators are experts in surveillance.

Our investigators are experts in surveillance.

When needed, our expert prior law enforcement investigators can conduct covert surveillance operations as part of investigations such as insurance fraud, suspected infidelity, or as part of many other civil or family law matters. Our surveillance investigator can collect visual photographic and video evidence to support your case, and are also available to provide testimony to back up your case in court.

We will also provide a detailed written report and summary of our surveillance activities and any activities that we observe. All of the evidence that we collect can be presented in court to support and win your case.

We are experts at this, and our surveillance evidence has been used in countless high-profile cases. Please contact us here for a quote.

Court Searches

The court system is difficult to navigate.  We can provide in depth court searches for civil index, criminal, family, marriage and divorce, federal, probate, and small claims. The rate for this service is $75.00 per hour and $.60 per mile.


Samples of our sign-ups are available for your firm to review.

Samples of our sign-ups are available for your firm to review.

We offer same day service in most cases for sign-ups at our hourly rate of $75.00 per hour and $.60 per mile. 

Comprehensive sign-ups are then typed and forwarded to your office with enclosures mailed.  Vehicle photos are obtained, if possible.  Each additional person in the residence is also signed up for an additional fee of $25.00.  Sample sign-ups are available for review.

Document Service

If you are having a difficult time serving documents, and the typical process server is not getting the job done, give us a call. We have years of experience in locating those who do not want to be found and appropriately serving them.

Claims Consulting For Businesses

New World has over 50 years combined experience in pre and post litigation claims experience.  We have consulted many law firms and businesses on the most efficient and cost effective ways to handle claims, keep costs down and maximize results.  We show businesses how to document everything for the claims process.


New World Investigations is a proud member of  CALI

New World Investigations is a proud member of CALI

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